Bamboo Bungalow 竹軒

Bamboo Bungalow

竹軒Bamboo Bungalow has gentle mountains as a backdrop, and an amber, one-story house stands among trees on a plot of verdant lawn. Its earthy tones blend well with the greens, inviting one to enter. This building, called the Jing Si Bamboo Bungalow, is situated between the magnificent gray buildings of the Jing Si Hall and Tzu Chi University.

It is a fitting name indeed, for when one looks at it the hustle and bustle of life seems to evaporate, giving one space to contemplate in solitude. This building is architecturally unique-it is the only bamboo bungalow in Taiwan, built without using a single iron nail. It was constructed using only traditional tenon-and-mortise techniques. This architecture is special not only because of its design, but also because of the work put in by the 6,500 volunteers.

The Lotus Pond

蓮花池The Lotus Pond is in front of the bamboo bungalow. You can watch the water ripple and the fish just under the surface, and you are able to fill the heart up to the brim. If you come earlier in the morning you will see a drop of water move back and forth on the leaf, and most people will misconstrue it as a pearl. The colors are simple yet elegant. The rocks are arranged in such a way that increases the beauty and vigor of the area.